“Eshet Hayil,” commonly known as “Woman of Valor,” is a biblical ode of appreciation to the accomplished Jewish woman. For the Jewish bride, a magnificent, limited edition “Eshet Hayil” artist book or print is the perfect gift — for her wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Jonathan Kremer’s striking lettering and illustrations — and original modern English rendition of the ancient biblical text — make “Eshet Hayil” a beautiful tribute to love: “She is generous…she shapes her ideas and implements them…she makes her house a home…she is radiant….”

The Kremer “Eshet Hayil” books are hand-crafted in Jerusalem in three limited editions: Argaman, Hadar and Peninim (above, left to right); each page of the books measures approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches (14 x 23 cm). A wall print, Kerem, is also available.

Kerem wall print panorama

A panorama of colorful Israeli wild flowers (above) springs from the pages of Jonathan Kremer’s “Eshet Hayil;” each flower’s name in Hebrew begins with the same letter as the alphabetic-acrostic verse on the page. To view the entire panorama, click here.